The Art of Surgery
The Science of Beauty

A good magazine at your favorite salon, a glance at the TV, or a simple lunch with friends would have us believe that rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement is “near magic” and that anyone with rudimentary training and some sort of health related degree is qualified to work wonders.  Your job is but to press the button on the Plastic Surgery vending machine and presto… you’re a new person.  Sadly, no amount of slick marketing or media blitz can make it true.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is the ONLY “plastic surgery” specialty recognized by the American Medical Association, requires a minimum of five years surgical training focused on becoming a Plastic Surgeon.  In fact, most Plastic Surgeons have six to eight years of surgical training.  Why would the American Board of Plastic Surgery require such arduous preparation if it’s something that can be learned in a weekend course?  The answer lies in the fact that the specialty evolved as an art form based on the science of medicine and surgery.

Consider the fact that women who come for augmentation not only want their breasts larger, but well shaped with acceptable scars.  When they seek lip enhancement, they don’t just want “big lips,” but full lips artistically shaped to Dr. Holdredge in Surgeryemulate natural beauty.  When a Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery enters your operating room, you can rest assured that this Physician has undergone years of rigorous education and training with the singular goal of becoming a science-based artist.  The American Board of Plastic Surgery is your benchmark protection from the practitioner who became disenchanted with his or her specialty and chose to be the “overnight cosmetic surgeon.” 

Don’t ask your Surgeon, “Are you Board Certified?”  Ask, “Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?”